Distorted Rhythms from the mind of H.I. Benitez (a.k.a. H.[RÆ]) since the Y2K (year 2000).

You could say it is the sum of my ideas and influences. Sound influences ranging from Punk, Grindcore, Death Metal to Power Electronics and Harsh Noise, passing through Industrial and even Techno and Hip-Hop.
But, beyond genres (because, I don’t like labels), I’ve been exploring and creating Distorted Rhythms.

And the concept (or philosophy) has been very clear since the beginning: humanity and the distorted reality we live in. The dark side of us, the void, the violent and confused nature of humans. The fragility of the human condition. And the degradation of the idea of being and existing. Combined with visions of the future, a technological wasteland. The Distorted Age.

Rugitus Æternam



Release year: 2003


Release year: 2002